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: fear as shared experie

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This serie of mini interventions were made during my first years of relocating to Europe.


Space is one of the most expensive asset.

What if I don't have to pay for a fancy cup of coffee to be able to sit down and work outside my 3x6 meter room in downtown London?

This project is about exploring my alternative working place in the new city; rather than my own room, my friend's house, coffee shop or the university campus at Back Hill in which we are not allowed to use most of the time.

An hour of occupying a public area as my personal work space. Even though some people came over to say hi or attempted to look into what I was doing, most pedestrians tried to act like normal while walking passed my office. Nevertheless they seemed to be aware of me taking possession of their pavement with all the furniture there was. As well as the road sweeper that try to do his job without disturbing me skyping with my dad.


In August 2011, I ended my long-distance since it did not seem to be working. Having moved to another new city, Amsterdam and at the same time realising the fact that I am officially alone is not healthy at all.

In tears, alcohol, and desperation, I wrote this statement to myself; a guide of how I can be perfected. Reading them afterwards I feel this list is not only grammatically wrong but also extremely ridiculous. Then again it might not be a bad idea to consider my own little advice. Then in the future I will need to come up with brand new defects for self-accusation in such situation.

Instead of making a personal reminder, I choose to spread them around my new city, with the hope that someone will notice me, and my attempt to become a better person.

Now I am learning how to cook a nice European meal.


While experiencing the subtle conflict of Eastern/Western mentality, I also feel the need to put an effort into adjusting myself more in order to fit into this new environment. In some moments, this twisted notion managed to come up – What if I don’t want to conform myself into this place? What if, I want the place to adapt itself into me instead?

One day I put the thoughts into action with the lovely big tree standing in front of my apartment. In between the clean, rationally organised, and orderly planted park - I turned this one tree into a sacred one. By decorating it with bright colored fabrics, the same way Thais could turn almost everything into spiritual item if they feel like it.

The intervention process took approximately 15 mins, including worshiping ceremony with jasmine incenses. Even to me, the result seems awkward and totally out of context, something that somehow shouldn't be here. Once in a while I saw people stopping by to take a picture of it.


Inspired by the 'Psychological Word Game' circulating around Facebook, and the social/political set of vocabulary mentioned within the Sandberg Instituut.

I wonder if I have myself surrounded in this social-political context long enough, one day it could also describe who I am?

The regularly-heard-during-discussion words are selected, and combined with set of words-in-my-head. Then made into a crossword poster for fellow designers to find out who they are, for myself, I got LOST / LOOP / NATION.



London / Amsterdam