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: fear as shared experie

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T_AKUT : fear as shared experience

Artistic research T_AKUT presentation by Soydivision Ensemble and hosted by NON NATIVE NATIVE, follow up by experimental music improvisation session (feat Bintang Manira) + food & drinks!

T_AKUT is a planned new work from Soydivision Ensemble. The name comes from the word "takut" (fear) and "akut" (De: akut). We consider fear as a shared human experience, specifically in relation to death and war as a starting point.During WWII, Indonesia fought for its independence from the Dutch colonialism and the Japanese military occupation. The reality of death and violence incited fear: something shared among the three nations. At the same time, music served as a catharsis of that time. Keroncong and Jazz music found its way in the late colonial times; even inside a Japanese concentration camps there were music performances and the practice of stemmenorkest. The background of the musicians (Indonesian, Dutch, and Japanese) and the viewing of a shared history in retrospect becomes important.

The work starts with researching the period through historical and personal archives, interviews, among others), with potential support by the House of Indonesian Cultures in Berlin. Afterwards, the musician will meet to exchange music culture and approach in a series of workshops and rehearsals, mapping musical styles and elements as materials to work on.

Soydivision ensemble is a sub-entity of Soydivision collective that focuses on developing experimental theater music. The constellation was formed in 2018 after the collective’s first and longest showcase series “Soy&Synth” was executed.The idea is to adapt the theater music’s composition process into a live performance, interacting with other art mediums (culinary, cinema, light, wayang, radionovela, etc.). The musical output shows influences of concrete music, electronic music, to European and Javanese classical music. The element of storytelling is important for them to open dialogues on identity and activism.The ensemble performed at the KW and toured Europe and Indonesia in 2019. They performed their music theater Nur-Hin Trilogy in 2020 as part of the CTM & Transmedialle Festival Vorspiel 2020. The second Nur-Hin Trillogy (2021) will be presented in 48std Neukölln Festival, KAUM Performance&Film Festival, and Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart . The ensemble also been documenting their work into several mediums such of vinyls to Augmented Reality audiobook, with cooperation with Berlin-based sonic entity L_KW.

Bintang Manira Manik, is a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music producer interested in responding to movement with sound - tribal chant, percussive-ambient, soundscape. He started with playing djembe, later explored various percussion, traditional Indonesian drums, and completed three years studying Tabla at Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra, New Delhi, India. He formed Sound of Hanamangke, a Sundanese rock group in Bandung and Trippy Sama, an electronic world music group in Delhi, music director of Raag of Javadwipa and Cakravala Mandala Dvipantara since 2016. He just finished his study at the World Music Department at Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam and at the moment creating various projects in the Netherlands.

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