Online Events



ASIANISATION! is a series of virtual events consisting of 4 sessions on the Asian-European exchanges within the creative industry and elsewhere. Non Native Native will investigate on what it means to be ‘Asian’ now, in the time of uncertainty and transformation, in different contexts, manifestations, and geographical locations through speculative and design research projects by Alien creatives across the globe.

Non Native Native acknowledges that the current generalisation of Asia as a whole by academia and the media is problematic and scattered. Therefore, we redefined ‘Asia’ by looking at the existing creative practitioners who identify as Asian within the global creative industry, and whose works are strongly influenced by their own cultures or issues within identities. As a result, our versions of Asia may be fictive, based on material realities. The aim of this project is to deconstruct the Western narrative on Asia, through looking back at historical references and case studies rooted in popular culture and contemporary visual aesthetics from both the East and the West in order to anticipate and create the future narrative and histories.

The events are organised in collaboration with BKKABF CO-OP, an online independent publishing community developed in parallel with the future editions of BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR ︎

Session01 — Non Native Native [LINK]

Session02 — What’s Going On, 2020? [LINK]

Session03 — The Other Side of the Moon :[LINK]