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: fear as shared experie

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Leiden University College
The Hague, The Netherlands

An evening of lecture performances, which marks the final instalment of the Me, Asian?! Series, initiated by Leiden University College The Hague The programme will focus on Asian creative practices in The Netherlands, which explore what it means to be a foreigner or an Alien, and how art as a medium, has influenced their creative process through reflection, speculation, observation, and protest. For this edition, we have invited young, emerging artists whose work explore subjects such as cultural difference, identity conflict, and immigration policy.

ALICE WONG (HK/NL) — story designer/filmmaker
Alice Wong is a story designer based in Eindhoven. Through her body of work, she aims to translate academic research into a comprehensive multiple perspective story. Her principal topic of interest is the intersection of biographical documentary, media and social phenomena. She is currently partnering with data analyst and design strategist Aryan Javaherian on narrating a multi-perspectives research story, that can increase awareness of truths. Together they aim to enable the audience to comprehend research easily and be critical of what they perceive.

JEERAPHAT VORAPHOTMUANGMAN / Khun Waew (TH) — creative chef The Waew Food Programme is a practical economical installation in which Waew (Jeeraphat Voraphotmuangman) cooks Thai food weekly for a period of 2 months at Wall Street Eindhoven (centre for art, food and alternative economics). During the process, Waew explored her personal questions and desires while zooming out on lager topics like politics, migration, sexuality and cultural differences. The Waew Food programme advocates an economical model more based on subtle values and less on money.

JING HE (CN) — artist/designer
Jing He explores culture, politics and the history behind various daily objects, which often lead to an imaginative visual representation of her works, expressed through various materials and mediums. Her works are rich in details of daily life, and her compassion for social phenomena stems from both where she has been raised and where she now lives. Jing He refers to herself as a cultural hybrid. The same seems to be true for her works. They are hybrids between different creative disciplines, cultures, co-creators, materials and mediums. In her recent works, she questions the identity of the creator and the created object

YU TZU HUANG (TW) — graphic designer/researcher
Yu Tzu Huang is an Eindhoven based graphic designer, images researcher and visual artist, who works in the integrative realm of design and visual art, with the particular interest on the cultural identity research, analysing information and political dimension in graphic design and contemporary ink art. She graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017 with a speculative proposal of the new Taiwanese passport, entitled, Burning and Rebirth, which won the Dutch Design Talents Award.

#measianluc — Visual Archive
Apart from the presentation, we would also like to draw your attention towards the #measianluc visual archive, which is still open for submission. We are collecting visual documentations, which focuses on the question: what does it mean to be Asian in Europe? — through an online submission on Instagram with the hashtag #measianluc (https://instagram.com/measianluc) The archive will be presented in the second part of the evening as well as The 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 11) on 16-19 July 2019.

The programme is supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.